Morality Music is an independent Hip-Hop Management Label founded by Bryan “Boss Beez” Pharaon in January of 2017.

Our vision is to build a foundation that pushes our artists, employees, and partners to greater heights, where each individual is committed to perfecting their craft.

"As long as I stay next to him, and he's in my ear all the time, there's no limits."

Featured Artist

Nast B


Nast B is Morality music's first & main artist. He has been under management for about 3 years.

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  • Foundation

    Establishing the basic fundamentals of a hip-hop artist to help produce at an efficient level.

  • Brand

    Establishing a consistent lane to better attack your audience.

  • Social Media Presence

    Establishing a certain aesthetic to improve your appeal.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Strategizing a proper way to market a hip-hop artist's projects.

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